What is PTSD?

PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) is one of the worst forms of depression anyone will experience. It’s how we handle stress after a traumatic experience. Trauma, like fear, cannot be measured by anyone other, than the individual experiencing a particular event. What makes PTSD difficult to treat and cope with, is that no one truly understands the amount of difficulty a person is having dealing with or trying to understand what the fuck happened to them.

At least, that’s how the affected is left to feel and believe…

What you may feel is a devastating occurrence in your life, I may view it as a ‘cakewalk’. What bothers me, may not be viewed as a problem through your eyes. It’s too often that we call ourselves listening to other people’s frustrations, only to give the response that we would look for for ourselves. Those responses are rarely based on what that person’s mental capacity will accept as a solution to their problem. So, we have to look deeper and listen harder to what’s being said.

There’s a lot going on in this world people were not meant to experience. That’s the true definition of being “traumatized”. The first time I saw a man with his brains blown out, I was around 12-13 years old. He was on his knees slumped to his left, with his brains protruding from his skull and scalp… My friends and I helped one another through that traumatic event, at the time. The last time, I saw a person in a similar situation, it was child, during wartime efforts and I was an adult… As a child, my views on life were nowhere near, what they are now, as a man/parent/uncle. And when you’re making the effort to get people to understand your views, yet they’ve never walked in your shoes, but want to tell you that “you’re crazy” or “you’re wrong”, that’s pure discouragement. Considering the fact that a person has played the roles of judge, jury and executioner all at once, how can person, who’s never been in either of those positions tell you what and how life should be lived. Have they ever looked down the barrel of a firearm to see a bullet chambered, with the uncertainties of if whether or not they’ll have the opportunity to hold and love on their family again? In all honesty, most of the people I know, have not… If they have, I can promise you, they are not the same person they were before that happened.

Those are the type of experiences that alter our thought processes. We’re all built differently. We all think differently. We all feel and view the world differently! Which means our responses to traumatic events, will more than likely, BE DIFFERENT! Understanding yourself, can get you through more than you could ever imagine. I’m that friend that’s always blunt and straightforward. I don’t give a fuck about your feelings, or my owns for that matter. In my own personal opinion, coddling your feelings means I don’t give a shit about you. It means I want you to be weak, soft and naive about who the fuck you truly are! Our true weakness comes from these imaginary views we have of ourselves and it’s my responsibility to push your ass out of your own way, to see that. Our strengths come from personal understanding. I can’t expect you to be strong for me, if I’m not strong for you. I’m viewed as a mean and angry person. Truth be told, I’m like the ‘Hulk’. I’m always pissed and in my feelings, but have love for everyone, whether I show it or not. Because not many value their lives or the lives surrounding them.

Anyone suffering from PTSD needs to understand how valuable their life is. They need to constantly be reminded that they have a true purpose in life, until they understand and believe that themselves. Most of the time, we only need someone to listen and help us understand ourselves, and not be told, “you’re just looking for attention” or ” ain’t nothing wrong with you.” There is something wrong. We’ve lost our way, due to something happening to us that has knocked us off course from what we believed our true purpose to live was. Help someone find their purpose, that has lost their way. You, yourself, may even find a new or additional purpose for yourself by doing so.